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What do happiness, problem-solving, dealing with angry people, and gaining wisdom have in common? None of us are exempt from something that seems to be a way of life for many people. In the Bible study book, “God’s WORDS Are Something Special” (released by Courier publishing in July, 2014 and available at www.SomethingSpecialMinistries.com), I call it the “Me. Myself and I” syndrome. In fact, many times we see this syndrome, not just in others, but also in ourselves. I want – I need – I got to have – If I don’t look out for number one, who is – I don’t care – After me you’re first – He can’t talk that way to me – Who does she think she is – and etc. etc…………. Have you ever been on the receiving end of those kind of comments? Often we find that we are the person making those kind of statements. When someone has the mindset of “Me, Myself and I” they reflect that attitude in how they treat other people as well.

I have a really precious friend, Lu. Lu is a very petite lady, wears, maybe, a size five dress. She and her husband are two of the sweetest and most loving people you will ever meet. I’m not sure how old Lu is, but I suspect she is not far from being 90 years. She has a heart and respiratory condition which requires that she carry with her a portable oxygen system. During a recent visit she was telling me that she probably wasn’t going to be able to come to church again. I immediately responded, “I can understand that your oxygen machine must be difficult for you to manage.” “I don’t have a problem with that,” she replied. “It’s just that I am afraid that someone will knock me down.” I began to understand her thinking. While the portico of our church building is rather sizable, it is also very crowded as people come and go into the sanctuary and to and from our educational wing. “The children are sometimes not very considerate,” I responded. “It’s not the children, it’s the adults. They are in such a rush that I feel I might get run over.”

What do happiness, problem-solving, dealing with angry people and gaining wisdom have in common? How does Ms. Lu’s story fit into our subject matter? The answer is in the word: Gentleness. Learn more –Proverbs 12:20 - Titus 3:2 - Proverbs 25:15 - Proverbs 15:1 – James 3:17.

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