About Us - Something Special Ministries

About Us - Something Special Ministries

The focus of Something Special Ministries is to provide books, study guides, workshop guides and devotional materials designed to edify others, encourage the discouraged, enrich families, and help others know how special Jehovah God really is. Most importantly, we want others to know how special every person is to Him – so much so that He sent His Son, that we might have eternal life.

We are not the authors of Something Special Ministries, It came into being as a result of many prayers –"God, what would you have us do to fulfill your purpose for our lives?" As we entered retirement, we were praying for creativity as we thought about being God’s servants.

As we prayed, it became apparent  that He had been preparing us for this ministry through our volunteer work and through our training and consulting company, People & Solutions, Inc. – which we have operated for more than 25 years. During those years, we were actively writing books and instructional materials for the business, teaching Sunday school; facilitating DivorceCare, and being led by the Lord to work with Singles Again and Single Parents. We were also prepared for ministry through our childhood experiences, me as the child of a pastor and Gene having grown up at Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, in Greenwood, SC. Gene has written two books about those days and the ministry of caring for children in need, and has served on the Connie Maxwell Board of Directors. 

All of the folks who work with us here at Something Special are children of God and share our mission focus.  We are thankful for those brothers and sisters in Christ who have agreed to pray with us, encourage us, and provide Godly counsel.

So, keep watching this website – Within God’s direction, we will be offering many more books, workshop and devotional materials, and family enrichment memory albums. We sincerely hope that anything that you purchase from Something Special will edify you, encourage you, and glorify God.

Pat and Gene Bishop