Tie a Blue Cord on Your Garment - (Being Humble in a "ME" World)

$ 12.95

By Pat A. Bishop

Have you ever wished that folks in our world would be kinder, more patient, more understanding and less self-centered.  

Have you ever wished YOU could be kinder, more patient, more understanding, and less self-centered.

“This is a timely book in today’s world where we are bombarded with a lack of humility and an intense presence of rudeness and selfishness.”  

In the book of Numbers in the Holy Bible, the Lord instructed the people of Israel to TIE A BLUE CORD ON YOUR GARMENT to remind them to obey His precepts and commands. 

 In the book of Mark, Jesus gives us two monumental commands – Love God and love others as you love yourself.  From these two passages, the author begins the journey into the real meaning and value of humility.

Whether you simply read the book or decide to use it as a personal or small group Bible study, (a 12-week study guide is included,) you will find Pat’s writing style to be unique and enjoyable.  You are sure to come away with a clear and compelling understanding of what it takes to exercise humility and find the joy it will bring to one’s life.

Some comments from those who pre-read the book:

“This is such a timely topic for study in today’s world.  A world where we are bombarded with a lack of humility and an intense presence of rudeness and selfishness.”

“Can’t wait for the release…Great work!

“I found the areas of discussion (in the study guide) to be timely and on point. The reading style is genuine but not intense.  It encourages the reader to look within themselves…”

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