SOMETHING SPECIAL – God’s Love is Something Special (A glimpse of God’s love for you – now and for eternity) Volume 4, October, 2022 November 08 2022

Volume  4, October, 2022

 Little Bobby had been trying to learn the 23rd Psalm so he could recite it at Sunday school.  When his turn came to recite, he said, “The Lord is my shepherd…and that’s all I need to know.”       Indeed it is! 



Have you ever needed some wisdom when making a decision?

Have you ever been lonely or depressed?

Have you ever wondered about what happens when you die?

Have you ever been concerned about what is happening in our world today?

Have you ever felt hopeless?


The Bible is God’s instruction book:

The INSTRUCTIONS of the Lord are PERFECT------they REFRESH our soul

The DECREES of the Lord are TRUSTWORTHY------they make us WISE.

The PRECEPTS of the Lord are RIGHT-----they bring JOY to the heart.

The COMMANDMENTS of the Lord are CLEAR-----they give INSIGHTS FOR LIVING.

The FEAR of the Lord is PURE-----ENDURES FOREVER.

The LAWS of the Lord are TRUE------are RIGHTEOUS.

The LAWS of the Lord----are MORE DESIRABLE than the finest GOLD

The LAWS of the Lord----are SWEETER than HONEY.

The LAWS of the LORD---are a WARNING.

The LAWS of the LORD---are a GREAT REWARD for those who obey.


Excerpt from Psalm 19:7-11


In my home when I was growing up family devotion time was not an optional event.  We had family devotion every day. I remember one time my dad, who was a pastor, decided all the children would be given Bible quizzes to solve.  One that I remember was: “What state in the United States is mentioned in the Bible.” I got out my Bible and for days I searched and I searched. I looked up ever so many words from the concordance and the index in the back of the Bible (we didn’t have things like Google Search then).  I didn’t enjoy having to tell my Dad that I had failed.  He just chuckled and said, “Noah looked out of the ‘ark and saw’.” I think he was stretching things a bit but he had achieved his goal.  This was just one of the ways that Dad helped us learn the value of reading and studying God’s Word.

 “And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 3:15 (kjv)